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School your horse further following the principals of classical dressage.

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Astrid van der ploeg

Founder & owner of Master your Horsemanship & Dressage and the dutch company DressuurNatuurlijk.

More than 25 years ago Astrid started to study the handling and training of horses that had an "extra challenge". Horses that had difficulty establishing contact, horses that had fear, horses with aggression, horses that showed undesirable behavior on the ground or under the saddle or horses that had (major) movement problems. She knew one thing for sure: there is still so much to help horses and owners!

Natural Horsemanship & Classical Dressage are the foundation for the training. Always looking to improve the communication and getting better results by finetuning your aids and techniques. 

The more you know, the more you know you don't know! 

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The partnership with your horse you have dreamt off. 

Are you ready to take the partnership & training with your horse to the next level?

By working on tranquility, relaxation, straightening and collection, every horse can become a happy athlete. Educate yourself & your horse while mastering your horsemanship & dressage level.

Join our online self-study programs. These are a perfect choice when the relationship with your horse is important and you want to train in a horse friendly way!

Enjoy the journey & adventure of development with your horse!

Master your horsemanship for more connection with your horse.

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